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Australia Post Changes to Delivery Services


mail-boxFrom 4 January 2016, Australia Post will change its delivery times for letters. As with seemingly everything these days, from 4 January you will have a choice of three different delivery speeds when sending a letter:

Express post – guaranteed next business day delivery of the letter.

Priority post – 1 to 4 business days (depending on the delivery location).

Regular post – up to 2 business days longer than it would have taken if sent via priority post. Accordingly, delivery could take up to 6 business days.

Whilst the cost of the yellow Express Post service will not change, the Priority Post service will require the purchase of a Priority Post label for $0.50 per envelope. Regular post will (as with Priority) increase on 4 January from $0.70 to $1.00.

These postal service changes will impact on all of us, including those running a business. However, there may be some obscure issues with these changed delivery times that are worth noting.

All real estate contracts have provision for sending notices by post. These contracts have standard terms as to what constitutes delivery of such notices and notices are often taken to be delivered “in the course of ordinary post” or “the next business day following posting”.

These need to be carefully considered when issuing notices to cool off, or notices of default under Real Property contracts.

These new postal times should also be taken into consideration when posting “urgent” documents or in posting payment of accounts just prior to the due date.

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